January App Update!

January 26, 2022
Created by: Nutricoach, Inc.

What's New.

Generate Shopping list for Coaches

So... How long does it currently take you to create a shopping list for your client? 🤔

With Nutricoach? You can make it in an instant! 😱 You heard that right!  After creating a meal plan, the system automatically generates a weekly Grocery List which you could download as a PDF, print, and send to your client. How neat is that?!

Manage Meal Templates

When creating meal plans, a lot of times, you simply just start from an existing Meal Plan that you’ve previously created then tweak it from there based on needs of your new client.

We understand this completely! That’s why we created the Meal Template feature. This feature allows you to create a Meal Plan, then save it as a template which you could use and modify for future clients.

Add clients even without inviting them to use the mobile app

We heard your cries and we’ve answered your requests! You can now finally add clients inside the nutricoach system EVEN when they have no intentions of using the Client Mobile App.

This means you can have all your client information in one platform (Whether the client is a Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial, or Gen Zer), bringing you one step closer to having all your work stuff in one platform.

Food Exchange Calculator (FEL) 

Make sure that the serving sizes you’re recommending to your clients are right on par with just the right amount of calories and macronutrients they need.

You now have the option to use the built in FEL calculator which can serve as a guide for you when creating your next meal plan.

What's Coming.

New information fields in the client profile

We want to help you to keep as much essential nutrition and lifestyle information about your client as you could on the Nutricoach platform. So we’ve added a few more info fields that could help you analyze your clients better.

You can now save your client’s Pregnancy information, Dietary information, and Body photos among a few.

Client shopping list in mobile app

Your client will also have a built-in grocery list manager in their Client Mobile App. They will be able to view the grocery items that they’ll need for the week. They will also be able to tick-off items that they have already purchased.

Meal Templates by NutriCoach

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out how or where to start creating those meal plans for your clients, this feature is just for you!

We’re giving you a few Meal Templates that you could easily copy and use as your jump-off point to creating that perfect personalized plan for your client. This feature will also allow you to create your own Meal Plan templates which you can use for your other clients in the future.

Are there any other features that you really really want to have soon? Please click the link below and let us know what you’re looking for:

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