Top 3 ways not to gain too much holiday weight.

November 5, 2021
Created by: Nutricoach, Inc.
Fia Batua - Mambuay, RND | Nutricoach, Inc.

Happy BER MONTH! Holiday Feast will be just around the corner.

But remember, this season should always be a win-win situation. So whether you will be hosting a party, or being one of the guests, learn and apply these top 3 ways to stick to your plan. 😁  

Don’t get too hungry.

  • Before going to a party, I recommend that you shouldn't go in there empty-handed. If you will let yourself get too hungry, you might end up wanting more.
  • Eat at least 1-2 hours before the party. A piece of fruit or a cup of whole grains will do. It will keep you feeling half full and satisfied later on.

Let your plate do the talking.

  •  I suggest, grab a small plate instead. It will even help you control everything, and you can even see portions that are on your plate.
  • The more space you have, the more likely you will put more food on it.

Be mindful of the "Take-Home" Food.

  • Pick something that is more belly-friendly. Sometimes those take-home food or leftovers are more tempting and often the reason that leads to weight gain. Be wise.

It’s alright to be “there” and enjoy the party, just be mindful!

“One should eat to live. NOT live to eat.” -Moliere
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