November App Update

November 18, 2021
Created by: Nutricoach, Inc.

What’s New.

Now on Google and iOS

The Client Mobile App is now available for your clients to download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

No more complicated client inviting process. After inviting and adding a new client on your Nutricoach dashboard, your newly invited client will automatically receive an invitation email along with a Mobile App download link.

Bug Fixes
We’ve fixed that annoying autogenerated “Weight Watchers” plan title issue on your Meal Plan PDFs. The title on your PDFs should now reflect the actual plan name that you have personally noted. We’ve removed the "My Nutrition Business” header on the Meal Plan PDFs. We’ve fixed the crashing issue whenever you or your clients rate a meal.

What's Coming.

iOS Notification
Your clients that use Nutricoach on their iPhones will finally be able to receive notifications on their Mobile App whenever you send them a message, rate or comment on their meals, or send and update their meal plans.
It’s Official!
We’ve announced it before, and we wanted to let you know that it is now just a few weeks away! On the first week of December these 2 game changing features will finally be released:
Shopping List
After creating a meal plan for your client, the Nutricoach system will automatically generate a weekly Grocery List in PDF that you will be able to download and print, or send to your clients. Your client will also have a built-in grocery list manager in their Client Mobile App. They will be able to view the grocery items that they’ll need for the week. They will also be able to tick-off items that they have already purchased.
Meal Templates
If you’ve ever struggled to figure out how or where to start creating those meal plans for your clients, this feature is just for you! We’re giving you a few Meal Templates that you could easily copy and use as your jump-off point to creating that perfect personalized plan for your client. This feature will also allow you to create your own Meal Plan templates which you can use for your other clients in the future.
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