Flexible plans to help you grow your nutrition business

Pay for what you need. Pay as you grow

We understand that every nutrition coach is different. So we’re offering different plans for you to choose from depending on your specialization and the number of clients you handle.

Limited Time Offer

Save 65%

NutriCoach Pro


Allowed number of clients

Unlimited Clients

Unlimited Clients

Consolidated client records

Meal planning

Pre-loaded meal templates

FEL calculator

Grocery list generator

Save and share plans as PDF

Coach - Client in-app messaging

FREE mobile app for your clients

Real-time client diary tracking

Rate and comment on your client's diary, real-time.

Generate client progress reports

Personal profile page in the NutriCoach Marketplace

Secretary/ Admin accounts

Up to 3

Appointment booking and management

reate and send forms, questionnaires, and waivers to your clients

Telehealth integration

Client billing management

Accept payments from clients

Run automated courses / programs for your clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any extra fees?

Nope, what you see is what you get.

Is there an Annual Contract?

Our currently available agreements are month to month, which you can cancel at any time.

What does this cost for my clients to use the mobile app?

Nothing! The NutriCoach Client Mobile app is 100% free for your clients.

How do I get started?

Easy! Create a 14 day Free Trial account and start exploring the app. When your trial ends and you want to use it longer, you simply need to upgrade your plan. We’ll see you on the other side!

What is the NutriCoach Marketplace?

As a paid NutriCoach subscriber, you have the option to post your profile on our customer-facing website. You will be able to share details about your business such as experience, schedule, list of services, and pricing- helping you reach more people and get more leads.

What happens if I want to upgrade/downgrade after purchasing?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Plan upgrades will automatically take effect, we’ll pro-rate the difference so you only pay for the actual time spent on your current plan, while plan downgrades will take effect at the end of your billing cycle.

Does your business have multiple coaches?

Such as a clinic, group practice, or health system?
Send us a message and we’ll help find a solution for your business
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